About Us

Who We Are

Our mission Hested Hoops Skill Training is to PROMOTE THE GAME OF BASKETBALL through high-caliber skill development. We seek to attack weaknesses, build strengths and teach players effective ways to improve their game while training alone in the gym.

Through our training, we can walk our players through a plan and determine what is needed for them to reach their individual goals. Our focus is on the development of our athletes above all else.


I’m Possible Training is the world’s largest basketball training organization. The methods used in Brett’s program are the same methods used by Micah Lancaster (founder of I’m Possible) and other I’m Possible trainers to train NBA players such as Kyrie Irving, Victor Oladipo, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Brandon Ingram.

What is Skill Enhancement Training?

Brett Hested

Brett is the owner of Hested Hoops Skill Training. Brett is a trainer that is committed to player development. He has great passion for the game, and has trained and coached players from youth level to pro players. His passion is to push players to maximize their potential both on the court and in life. Brett is also a certified skill enhancement trainer with the largest basketball training organization in the world, I'm Possible Training.