Personal Training

Introducing I'm Possible Personal Training

Personal training is not about how many times you work with a trainer per month. In fact, in today's personal training environment, too many trainers pack a month with training sessions and never give a player a chance to fully develop what was taught before moving on to the next skill. We have a better way!

Players see better results training with us because training sessions are used to confront new weakness and dive deeper into the game. Players then rep what they have learned on their own time or in our Complete Player workouts. And since, we only work with players 2-4 times per month, they have the needed time they need to rep and master new skills on their own.

What's Included

Tools to track progress and get better

Automatic Unlimited Membership

For any players who take advantage of one of our $160/month personal training packages, they will also receive ALL the benefits of our Unlimited Membership. For those players, they will have the added advantage of attending our weekly Complete Player program up to 3 days per week!

Tools to grow

Personal training with us give players access to our online training system and training app. These online tools provide videos of the skills and methods we teach as well as the ability for trainers to communicate directly with players to provide notes and tips.